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Douala, Cameroun, Africa
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08 Fév, 2017

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Manager CVMO

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  • Job Posting Title: IRC7857 
  • Job Title: Manager, Customer Value Management Operations 
  • Organization Name: MTN Cameroon 
  • Department Description:  Manager, Customer Value Management Operations -  Salary Grade 15  Category 11 A 

Brief Posting Description 

Mission/ Core purpose of the Job: 

  • To define, configure, test and manage the delivery of customer life  cycle programs and technical CVM environment (CMS system, loyalty  platforms) as well as the implementation of all CVM governance  processes and principles through different channels (retail and  customer care). 

Detailed Description 

Key Performance Areas  - Key Job Responsibilities 

Strategy Implementation 

  • Assist in the creation of sub-divisional strategy in line with  overarching divisional goals 
  • Ensure effective implementation of sub-divisional strategy by  means of providing direction, structure, business plans and support 

Operational Delivery 

  • Contribute to the development of a customer base management  strategy and drive its operational implementation to maximise customer lifetime value and the contribution of the customer base to  overall services revenue 
  • Lead the business transformation to embed CVM decision-making  principles and culture across the organization  
  • Ensure that MTN’s process and customer experience strategies are  reflected in the CVM strategy. 
  • Develop, implement and manage a comprehensive CVM  governance programme;  
  • Ensure that CVM IT/technology systems/platforms support the CVM activities including but not limited to campaigns, reporting and  profiling. 
  • Develop a formal communication process for advising and timely  alerts on any/all CVM activities and campaigns executed through the  various channels; 
  • Ensure that all campaigns are documented, requirements captured  2  and approved by the stakeholders, configured and tested in  accordance with the delegation of authority before execution;  
  • Develop detailed operational reports on all campaigns for future  decision-making and auditing purposes.  
  • Develop, implement and manage the customer centric life cycle  contact policy for MTN including the opt-out database and any  blacklists that might exist.  
  • Develop periodic CVM campaigning plans and monitor their timely  execution in line with the overall marketing calendar.  
  • Lead operational capability development and define the capability  required to execute and manage the CVM programme;  
  • Integrate output through campaign management, charging and  provisioning platforms, by translating CVM objectives to IT /  Technical teams.  
  • Create and manage a high performance operationally focused CVM  team. 

Job Requirements 

Job Specifications/ Minimum & Preferred Requirements 

  • Education / Business Degree:  Minimum of 3 years degree in Engineering, Data Mining, Computer  Science or Marketing 
  • Work Experience:  Minimum of 5 years’ experience in telecoms environment of which  at least 3 years’ are in Marketing operations. 
  • Project and/or operations management experience will be highly  advantageous 
  • Demonstrated leadership of an established and successful CVM  function within MTN or another operator recognized as leader in  CVM. 
  • Experience and fluency in Customer Lifetime Value management,  predictive analytics (Regression, Decision Trees, and RFM modeling  (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value analysis). 
  • Experience in utilizing and managing CVM, CRM and/or direct  marketing software platforms and vendors 
  • Training:  Customer Value Management,  Customer Analytics and Campaign Management,  Project Management,  System Analytics,  Financial modeling in Excel  FLIGHT (if applicable),  3  LEAP- Leading People (if applicable),  Line Manager Effectiveness,  Coaching and Mentoring,  COS programs,  Harvard Leading teams 

Additional Details 

Competencies  Knowledge and expertise of/in  

  • CVM methodology, principles, capabilities, and techniques. 
  • Business Analysis and Data Management 
  • Business Performance Measurement & Management 
  • Consumer behavior and market dynamics 
  • Mobile technology as well as national and global trends 
  • Factors impacting consumer demand 
  • Business and financial planning  
  • Customer Experience and User Interface (UI) principles  
  • Fluent in French and English  Skills  
  • Create, manage and inspire a high performance commercially  focused team  
  • Work with business intelligence units and IT to define system and  reporting requirements  
  • Focus on delivering demonstrable results in a demanding and fast- moving environment  
  • Manage a constantly changing environment. 
  • Maintain performance under pressure and to deadlines.  
  • Communicate effectively and influence senior executives to get  buy-in and share results and with the CVM and commercial teams to  achieve implementation 
  • Translate commercial objectives to technical teams for ensuring  underlying system readiness 
  • Simultaneously work at a strategic level  
  • Strong Strategic and Analytical Thinking 
  • Innovation and Research Orientation  
  • Planning, Organization and Reporting skills 

Behavioral Qualities 

  • High performing individual with strong standing to be perceived as  peer for senior management 
  • Ability to drive several campaign management work streams in  parallel and support overall campaign management design 
  • High level of energy and creativity, willingness to go the extra mile 
  • Experience in normal project management and business to ensure  campaign management well integrated in performance improvement  activities 
  • Open and trustworthy personality, strong relationship building and  communication skills 
  • Strong sense of professionalism and integrity 

How To Apply

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