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Douala, Cameroun, Africa
Entre 2 et 5 ans d'experience
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18 Jui, 2018

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Senior regional manager

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The successful candidate will report to the Senior Regional Manager and control all sites' operational aspects, including: optimising preventive maintenance, sites’ distributions, teams’ distributions, organising consumables/diesel orders, validation of monthly reports (maintenance, consumption etc.) monitoring correct utilisation of set tools in place,  i.e. Online Maintenance Application / GSF_NOC System.  


  • Liaise with Senior Regional Managers and Supervisors within managed Region(s) to optimize operations’ performance (through enhancing controls, optimizing preventive maintenance, spare parts control and availability, team’s distribution…);
  • Support in Keeping IHSCAM portfolio updated and optimized (site names, IDs, topology, coordinates, classifications, power system installed, security companies, cleaning companies, Maintenance SBCs, team allocations, regional, collocation…) through assigned technicians and the asset management within IHS Online Maintenance Application;
  • Define Preventive / Routine maintenance schedules and plans (upgrades) with related technicians based on the automatic scheduler within the IHS Online Maintenance Application;
  • Control and manage projects’ flow and status along with all related Senior Regional Managers and technicians to ensure projects timelines and quality are met & delivered;
  • Ensure monthly budget of amount required
  • Control Field technicians’ daily routines and performance versus plans related to preventive routine maintenance, curative…;
  • Control Field technicians’ expenses on weekly basis reporting them back to Head Office in Douala to ensure clarifications/justifications are not delayed;
  • Ensure monthly budget for operational purposes is arranged every 20th of the month to ensure budget is approved and released ontime to avoid any impact;
  • Ensure within the related managed region(s), any new Handed Over site to Operations from Rollout Department is through the HandOver Process making sure: HO _ HandOver Certificate is signed; OIL _ Outstanding Item List is signed;


  • Support Senior Regional Manager, Diesel & Diesel Auditor to collect daily accurate data by validating with the technicians their reports prior to sending them to Diesel Auditor;
  • Liaise / communicate with Diesel Manager to track Diesel consumption, Diesel theft, installed power system performance (Solar, Hybrid, IPT…) and issue monthly diesel consumption report related to its managed Region;
  • Follow / support Diesel Manager monthly study about
    • most diesel consuming sites in the related Region;
    • most inefficient sites with power system installed designed to reduce Diesel  
    • Consumption in the concerned Region;
  • Confirm and monitor public power availability at sites and proper billing within technicians in order Regions 


Liaise / support NOC Manager & related team to Optimize NOC team performance following:

  • Correct data collection from field by having our field technician transmitting the most correct crystal-clear feedback;
  • Preventive maintenance validation with detailed information from the field;
  • Persistent Correct Reporting (Availability, MTTR, MTBF, failures’ reason…);
  • Liaise / communicate with NOC Team Leaders and Members to optimize NOC performance for teams working within related region;
  • Support to optimize communication and validation process between Diesel Control department and NOC monitoring system (GSF) from one side & correct preventive maintenance validation from another side;
  • Monitor issued Trouble tickets and ensure correct closing and allocation within managed Regions; 


  • Support Senior Regional Manager to provide procurement department with optimized spare parts, consumables and equipment required for optimizing purchasing power (prices, availability, quality, payment terms…) for concerned Regions
  • Validate equipment, spare parts, consumables, and diesel orders received from Field Technicians;
  • Ensure any returned spare parts, consumables, equipment from any site is labelled clearly with the site ID it is returning from in order to be able to track our stocks!
  • Ensure that for any new consumables / spare parts delivered to our field teams for a maintenance purpose, the technical maintenance team will have to return the damaged/replaced consumable / spare part from site with a label on it indicating site ID clearly (+site name)
  • Monitor logistics and stock level inventory within the warehouse of the related Regions and the quantity of spare parts/ consumables in the maintenance team cars to avoid having any shortage of spare parts / consumables 


Help Senior Regional Managers in reporting back SBCs’ performance and difficulties faced to optimize the process of SBCs’ Ranking (capability, expertise, geographical coverage, presence…);

  • Manage and resolve all issues arising from sites and various SBCs within related managed Regions; 


  • Work hard to raise monthly budget by the 20th of every month giving Senior Regional Managers the time to validate it and request related release from the Finance Department;
  • Generate specific project budget and monitor all expenses in concerned Regions
  • Update all tracking sheets and documents assigned to any project costing
  • Support related Senior Regional Managers to reduce Cash in Hand moving to controlled ways of payment (transfer, cheques…) within managed Region;
  • Support Senior Regional Managers in Assisting the finance department in invoicing customers correctly and accurately. 

Key Performance Indicators 

  • 97% of the related Region Preventive & Routine Maintenance Schedule is met and accomplished Getting site maintenance in accordance with routine schedules;
  • Sites power availability is kept above 99.8% in the concerned Region;
  • Individual Technician’s availability is kept @ 99.8%
  • MTTR is optimized less than 2 hours;
  • Minimize MTBF to 1 year;
  • Cost reduction ideas and management;
  • Optimize No of regions/sites managing & distribution
  • Average cost reduction per site
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Diesel Consumption reduction
  • Diesel theft reduction through excessive daily control;
  • Ensure spare parts / consumables available within related regional warehouse and the maintenance teams’ cars; 


  • High degree in Electrical/Electromechanical or Telecommunication 
  • Engineering 

Professional Requirements

  • A minimum of four (4) years cognate experience years of relevant experience

To Apply

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your CV and Cover letter online to Nadege Ebenye.

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