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Job Description

Agency: UNDP

Title: Administrative and Financial Assistant - Stabilization Project (position open exclusively to Cameroonian candidates)
For several years, the UNDP with the support of various donors, Japan, Germany, Sweden, the European Union has made its priority early recovery and stabilization in communities hard hit by the crisis .

More recently, UNDP has committed to implementing the regional strategy for stabilization, adopted in May 2018 by the States Parties of the LCBC and endorsed by the African Union.

With a view to implementing this strategy, UNDP proposed to the States a regional facilitation program, which was officially launched at the second Governors' Forum held on 17 July in Niamey. Cameroon has just held the Steering Committee of the National Window of the Facility, which is a variation of the regional stabilization project.

Three key objectives are targeted through this project:

  • Maintain a minimum level of security in the areas of intervention,
  • Respond to urgent needs in basic infrastructure and social services,
  • Provide immediate opportunities for access to sustainable livelihoods.
  • The achievement of these objectives obeys Three main principles:
  • Provide a different delivery model
  • Radically change the scale and nature of field interventions
  • Simultaneous coverage of a series of zones (in all 4 countries) in agreement with civilian and military authorities.
  • The implementation of the objectives of the National Stabilization Window declined above requires the presence within the team of a qualified Administrative and Financial Assistant to support the Stabilization Coordinator for all administrative and financial tasks in the area. collaboration with the entire team based in Maroua and Yaoundé as well as with colleagues from other projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Under the supervision of the Project Manager, the Administrative and Financial Assistant will be responsible for the following tasks.
  • Facilitate and coordinate service relationships
  • Prepare field missions and track requests for payment / reimbursement of mission expenses;
  • Prepare program staff meetings, take notes and prepare reports;
  • Design and update a project file filing system
  • Maintain the directory of interlocutors, government officials, services and organizations related to the activities of the Program;
  • Perform any other duties that the supervisor may assign.
  • Perform routine tasks related to the financial and administrative activities of the Program Management Unit
  • Responsible for administrative tasks related to the implementation of the activities of the stabilization project and monitor the procedures with the various UNDP administrative departments in Yaounde;
  • Manage the mail departure / arrival and ensure quality control;
  • Analyze pre-payment finance documents
  • Manage the stock of miscellaneous project inputs and supplies and initiate service requests for submission to the UNDP office, make local purchases, and make payment in petty cash in accordance with relevant rules and procedures;
  • Support the project manager in managing the financial resources of the project using the Harmonized Cash Transfer Approach (HACT);
  • Provide administrative, financial and logistical management of seminars, workshops and meetings, etc. ;
  • Prepare and transmit financial reporting elements to the supervisor and assist in acquiring any financial and accounting information required for the preparation of financial reporting to the donor and audit;
  • Make a close budgetary follow-up and propose the GLs needed to update the accounts;
  • Provide fuel tracking, fleet management and other logistics and asset tracking as well as proxy reporting on these aspects;
  • Participate in the preparation of quarterly disbursement reports, annual report on durable goods (inventories of goods and equipment), annual reports on the state of funds, annual report on expenditures;
  • Participate in the final audit of the accounts;
  • Ensure the proper management and maintenance of the offices and ancillary areas allocated to the project, as part of the inter-agency MOU;
  • Ensure the proper maintenance of the vehicle fleet, the proper management of fuel and spare parts and supervise the work of the driver (s);
  • Maintain all accounting and financial documents;
  • Maintain all key personnel documents for audit purposes;
  • Monitor the movement of project staff.


Key skills

(Technical knowledge, personal skills and people management skills related to expected performance)

Technical skills:

  • Have a good knowledge of accounting tools and budget management,
  • Have a good knowledge of budget monitoring tools,
  • Have good knowledge in the preparation of financial reports,
  • Classification and archiving of essential accounting and administrative documents,
  • Have a good knowledge of the preparation of audits,
  • perfect use of Microsoft Word and Excel software and electronic communication and mail management.

Personal skills

  • Rigor, integrity, respect for ethics, accountability and accountability,
  • Ability to contribute to innovation and sharing of knowledge,
  • Communication and organizational skills ,
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a team,
  • Openness to others and interpersonal communication skills,
  • initiative and proactivity.
  • Required Skills and Experience Required


  • Of Cameroonian nationality, hold at least a Bachelor's degree in Management, Finance, Accounting, Administration or equivalent;
  • Demonstrate at least seven (7) years of professional experience in the field of Administrative and Financial / Accounting Assistance, with a strong background in finance and / or accounting;
  • Have excellent organizational skills and be able to produce quality results in a timely manner;
  • Have a good knowledge of the field of administrative, financial management and financial purchasing procedures;
  • Have good skills in logistical support;
  • Have a good knowledge of the administrative and financial procedures of the United Nations system;
  • Experience working in administrative and financial management with an international organization (International Organization / SNU) is a great asset;
  • Justify good writing skills (correspondence, reports, reports etc ...);
  • Have knowledge of the preparation and organization of workshops and seminars;
  • Being available to work full time;
  • Have a spirit of initiative and team and a high sense of confidentiality;
  • Have a good ability to work under pressure, and show great responsibility in an environment of cultural diversity;
  • Be dynamic, have a good presentation, the sense of human relations and teamwork;
  • Have a good command of the computer tool (Microsoft office package: Word, Excel, Power point, etc ...);
  • Have good skills in the use of management software packages;
  • To have an excellent command of the French language, a good knowledge of the English language (read and written) would be an additional asset;


The position is open only to Cameroonian candidates;

  • Female candidates are strongly encouraged ;
  • Only selected candidates will be contacted