Novotel is a hotel brand within the AccorHotels group.

Key tasks

At Novotel, we grow faster Feel fully responsible, be autonomous, adaptable, professional, have a love of adventure and want to stretch your limits:  that's the Novotel spirit .
An international brand with a network of 400 countries, 60,000  employees and 30,000 employees  who have been embodying the brand for over 40 years.

DNA of the brand,  innovation  is at the heart of the promise made to employees:  "At Novotel, we grow faster" . To transform this promise into reality, Novotel has implemented a  unique human resources policy  . Novotel accompanies each employee throughout their career.Integration, geographic mobility, bridging provision, skills development ... everyone is given the opportunity to progress quickly and go further. Impossible is not Novotel.

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